Formed in early 2021 by two west coast water sports enthusiasts

Macfly Surfing was formed in early 2021 by two west coast water sports enthusiasts, who sought to introduce anyone, regardless of ability or age, to the latest way to enjoy surfing; efoiling!
At Macfly, we are thrilled to be able to provide the opportunity for anyone to fly above the water on a state of the art Lift eFoil board. Macfly Surfing is proud to be the only provider of eFoil lessons and products, and the only Lift Foils affiliate on the west coast of Scotland on our beautiful coastline and inland lochs.

What is a Lift eFoil?

10 years in the making, Lift eFoils are the newest addition to the world of surfing, offering riders the opportunity to fly above the water with no wind or paddle required. Lift eFoils use a lithium-ion battery to power a completely silent electric propeller, just above the wing of the carbon fibre hydrofoil fin attached to the board.

The combination of hydrofoil fin and electric propeller allows the rider to soar above the water. With the wireless Bluetooth hand controller, the rider can adjust the speed to their preference and view the boards battery life. Due to safety reasons, if the controller hits the water or the board tilts past 45º, propulsion will halt. Boards can run up to approximately 25mph, with a charge lasting up to 2 hours of fun.


Yes! Macfly Surfing is an official Lift foil associate and stockist, simply let one of our instructors know or send us an email and we can discuss which board is best for you.

No, you do not need previous experience with surfing to participate in an eFoil lesson. However, as lessons take place in often large bodies of open water, we require you to be able to swim at least 15m and be confident being in the water.

Lessons are located along the shores and lochs of West of Scotland; however, the possibility of location alterations may be available upon request. Lessons are also available in Aviemore.

Typically, we will select a location for you based on weather factors, such as the direction of the wind, and tide times. However, we will offer bespoke packages upon request – please send us an email with your details and we will do what we can to cater to you.

Everything you need for an eFoil lesson is supplied by Macfly; each student is equipped with a wetsuit thick enough to bear the Scottish water temperatures, helmet, boots and life vest. However, should you wish to wear your own wetsuit this is no problem, though we recommend it be at least 5mm.

Our instructors are professionally trained and proficient in first aid, so you are in good hands out in the water. Students are also prepped before the lessons on the use of the boards and notified of any possible hazards. In the scenario of a student falling off, the boards are designed to cut out when the nose dips below the surface, eliminating the risk of collision.

For now, we only offer lessons to those who are able-bodied and over the age of 14. Boards also have a weight limit of 112 kg.

Please bring some swimwear for underneath your wetsuit. You will require a change of clothes and may wish to bring your own towel.

We endeavour to let you know as soon as possible if your lesson cannot go ahead. However, in the event your lesson must be cancelled, it will be rescheduled at the earliest date possible. Lesson locations may be subject to change in addition.

Most locations will have parking available however should this not be the case we will notify you as soon as possible.

Most locations will have local authority changing rooms and toilet facilities. In more remote locations such as lochs, we will provide a tent for you to change in.